Start May with a little Upcycled Gardening…

So who has started getting their garden summer ready? We certainly have, it would be rude not to when we’ve had such warm sunny days recently. We’ve been planting herbs, strawberries and amazing scented lavender and obviously they had to be in upcycled planters. These tins make a very stylish addition to the garden, with a little basic DIY (they also save you money).


The first thing you need to do is collect the tins, any cafe, take away or restaurant should be happy to give you some if you ask nicely. The kind Italian cafe owner I get my tins from uses 3 a day, so you should quickly have enough for all your herbs! Once you’ve washed them out & removed the paper label, carefully pop some holes in the bottom with a nail for drainage. The tins are then ready to be screwed into the fence, wall or just to be planted up…how simple is that?

Below is some inspiration for filling your new planters, my strawberry plants seem to be very happy in them. They’re equally great for your herbs as it keeps them away from all the little pests on the ground. The grasses and Lavender blends the fence into the garden whilst attracting the lovely bees this summer.

Strawberries going wild in Upcycled planters…



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