Make sure your christmas dining table is extra special this year…

I try and change my theme every year, last year it was all about red and green, this year I’m going to add some more muted tones to the scheme to give a little sophistication to the table. Check out my ideas below and hopefully they will inspire you.

IMG_0020 copy

Our handmade recycled book page christmas trees make a great table centrepiece instead of a traditional floral arrangement. They work well alone, in a group or even sat under our recycled glass cloche.


Crackers don’t have to be over the top! Go for a subtle approach, our recycled christmas crackers made from brown kraft card have a beautiful crochet snowflake decoration attached to pop on the tree later, don’t worry the jokes, prizes and hats are just what everyone will expect from the christmas dinner table!


Pom Poms are such a fun decoration, this year I’m planning on hanging them to a branch sprayed white and suspending it over the dining table for a playful, whimsical feel.


Impress your guests whatever their tipple with these ace glasses made from recycled wine and beer bottles (a great gift idea too as they come in a gorgeous gift box).

Don’t forget there is free delivery on all your pre-christmas orders.

Natalie x

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