5 of the best upcycled interiors

I thought I’d put together a little collection of what I consider my favourite upcycled interior design projects. They’re all very different and there is a mixture of residential and commercial spaces so I’d say something for everyone. They range from high budget projects to small statement designs giving us a fab source of inspiration.

1. Madrid Apartment – This design has a simple, rustic feel whilst maintaining a modern, industrial edge and it is in Madrid one of the top cities in the world in my personal opinion. The furniture makes this space, in particular the chairs made from old sacking, polished oil drums and tractor seating.



2. The ultimate kitchen – This kitchen has everything to me. The mixture of aged reclaimed wood, the industrial scaffolding pan rail, the fantastic repurposed workbench…the list goes on. The design is made up of mainly reclaimed elements with colourful, modern touches like the orange tap. Such a dream!


3. Cinema Room – Who says reclaimed pallets can’t work in the ultimate of luxury…a private cinema room? The cinema seating is made entirely of reclaimed pallets painted white and furnished with luxurious cushions. My favourite element has to be the upcycled olive can stool.


4. Aesop skincare New York store – Aesop have the most amazing skincare products and they show them off to their full potential in their beautifully designed stores. The New York store is my particular favourite with the ceiling and walls completely covered in a mixture of coloured and black & white book pages.


5. The fun downstairs loo – This bike turned basin unit makes washing your hands for dinner so much fun! The saddle area has been repurposed to house the sink and the basket kept in tack as a handy towel store. I think every home should have one!


So there you have my top 5 of the moment upcycled interiors if you’ve any upcycled interior projects that are absolutely amazing then I’d love to see them send them over to natalie@littlemillhouse.co.uk

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