Cosy and clutter free

I’ve spent the majority of the August bank holiday decluttering the house and freshening up the paintwork. I’m so ready for autumn, it’s the time of year I love my house the most. Out come the blankets and masses of tea light holders, rugs and sheepskins…the entire house becomes a giant cocoon to plan Christmas in (yes I just dropped the C word).

Faded hydrangeas, conkers and t-lights under rusted cheese graters.  

Out comes the hessian cushions for added texture and I add 2 or 3 extra lamps that have been packed away since spring, a couple of months without something in a room really does make you appreciate it more.

Pair of french grain sack cushions.

Once all the larger accessories are styled back in to the room it’s time for the best bit…candles. I have them lit on every last inch of surface.

Rewined scented candle
DIY lace jam jar t-lights.


How do you prep your home for autumn?

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