Barcelona Design Hotspots

Little Mill House

Last month we visited Barcelona for a whole week, we’ve been a couple of times for short breaks but this time we had chance to really explore and I have to say it could be my new favourite city. We visited all of the places in the travel guides and got off the beaten track, it really is true that there is creativity and amazing design on every corner in this amazing city.

The Cathedral is stunning with it’s white geese living inside, lucky geese ey! I’d say make time to visit here as well as the famous Gaudi cathedral, the Sagrada Familia. The National Art Museum of Catalonia is one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve come across, well worth a visit for a glass of cava on the terrace.

Barcelona has some of THE best shop design, unique, bespoke and most importantly upcycled elements are incorporated into most store…

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