Upcycling with Books

I’ve long been a huge fan of book artwork, if you haven’t yet then check out Kate Bufton, she’s a genius at book folding! There are so many different ideas for recycling books that there is something for every home decor scheme for sure. Here are some of my favourite book upcycles.


I’m sure we’re all a fan of stacking books to add interest to empty spaces in a room but painting them to match a colour scheme (like the white bedside stack above) takes the look to another level.


Instead of placing a lamp on a stack of books, how about turning the books into a lamp (as above), you can buy lamp kits from most craft stores and they’re pretty reasonably priced.


How cute are these book clocks by BookTides, they’d look ace as an additional element to a gallery wall or on their own on a book shelf.


And finally I had to add the book page quotes from our store, they look great stood on the mantlepiece or hung as part of a cluster of art on the wall. Shop them here.

What’s your favourite book quote?

(All images from Pinterest)

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