Easy DIY Easter Tree

A little (or large whatever you fancy) DIY Easter tree has become an annual tradition here at Little Mill House. It begins with a walk in the woods to forage some interesting twigs then the twigs get decorated, usually in keeping with my current favourite interior trend…this Spring it seems to be gold.

I decided to keep all of the eggs gold and just vary the sizes. Valspar project enamel gave me the perfect colour for my golden eggs & it drys super fast so you can layer up and be done in an afternoon (there’s just enough time for a handful of mini eggs between coats).


I hung the eggs with neon green twine to add a little colour, pinned in place with chunky grey headed pins from Paperchase (stylish pins are one of my ‘go toos’ for most projects. To add a little more colour I scattered some mini blossom pom poms around the bottom of the jar and there you have it (told you it was mega simple).

I think it looks quite effective, what do you think?

I’d love to see some of your rustic, easter trees…comment below or email natalie@littlemillhouse.co.uk

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