Upcycling inspiration from Mijas Pueblo

…in particular a wine shop and bar on the famous San Sebastian, the street shared by travellers across the world as the perfect example of a traditional andalusian village. Here’s an image of Mr LMH & Master LMH having an evening wander up San Sebastian. There’s inspiration for upcycling all over in Mijas, most shops, bars or restaurant have the odd upcycled element thrown in … Continue reading Upcycling inspiration from Mijas Pueblo

Create a mini gallery wall in an afternoon

I (along with many of you guys) love changing things up in my home pretty regularly and I (also along with many of you guys) don’t have the magic money tree that is so often spoken about these days so need to be resourceful when changing things up. Our little boys bedroom has stayed pretty neutral on the walls since we decorated the room before … Continue reading Create a mini gallery wall in an afternoon

Design Hotels to visit this summer

Having just got back home for a little family break I’ve found myself naturally searching for the next adventure at every opportunity. We’ve stayed in lovely AirBNB apartments and with friends who live abroad for our last couple mini breaks which is brilliant as it gives us the extra space needed with a nearly 2 year old but I’ve found myself longing for a night … Continue reading Design Hotels to visit this summer

Andalusian Upcycling

Originally posted on Little Mill House:
I’ve just returned from a trip to our family favourite…Andalusia. We try to visit this region of Spain as much as possible and the dream is to relocate there in the not so far away future (watch this space). I’ve returned back to the U.K feeling refreshed and inspired by our adventures in the Spanish sierras. Spain has always… Continue reading Andalusian Upcycling

Can I afford an interior designer?

Yes! Interior design has come along way, even just in the few years I’ve been in the industry. Platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram have brought interior junkies together to show off their creative homes and chat to likeminded interior obsessed folk, big high streets stores have started to focus a little more seriously on their interiors offering (hello Primark with it’s recycled coconut shell … Continue reading Can I afford an interior designer?

Mini Makeover – Bedroom

The master bedroom at home is my least favourite room in the house, despite the fact I love my bed, nothing in the room really harmonises. It began when we wallpapered a wall in a metallic forest paper that I knew wasn’t right before we started (always listen to your gut). Here’s said wallpaper looking lovely for a feature in Style at Home magazine but … Continue reading Mini Makeover – Bedroom

My current wallpaper picks

In the LHM store we have a gorgeous new wallpaper range by Spanish brand Coordonne. If you saw the post on our recent roomset design you’ll have seen we used their Banano paper in the dining room setting. We decided to stock the Anima range in our store as it felt a good fit with their eco credentials and their bold designs tick alot of … Continue reading My current wallpaper picks

Upcycling for Sport…

The best thing about using upcycled elements in an interior design scheme (aside from it being great for the environment) is that it’s an instant way to add personality to the home. A recycled piece of furniture or reworked artwork have an instant story to tell which can be as personal to you as you feel comfortable with. Upcycling items with a former life in … Continue reading Upcycling for Sport…