August Lust List – Desk Accessories

It’s so hard to stay motivated throughout August don’t you think? I always struggle, usually because work quietens off a little as people are enjoying the school holidays and family weeks away and I’m one of those people who work best when they’re too busy rather than when work is steady (now is a good time to get your E-Design project started with us if you we’re thinking about doing so). I thought a round up of stylish recycled desk accessories would be a good lust list to help motivate us through this month where lots of people are away on holiday and we’re sat at a desk, it’s also good preparation for Autumn (which is creeping up on us…not that you’ll hear me complaining about that one!). Here’s my lust list of the top ten recycled desk accessories I could find to create a calm and inspiring workspace (I may have them all in the basket ready to click checkout):


  1. Recycled newspaper pencils – Etsy
  2. Rewined Candle – Our store
  3. Kraft Desk Scheduler – Muji
  4. Mint Green Paper Planter – Trouva
  5. Recycled Cardboard Radio – IWOOT
  6. Glass Carafe & Tumbler Set – Grehom
  7. Tropical Leaf Pen Pot – Karenza & Co
  8. Recycled Paper Desk Lamp – Out There Interiors
  9. Waste Paper Bin – Habitat
  10. Aluminium Photo Frame – Selfridges

How great is it that you can kit your desk space out with super stylish and inspiring accessories that are ALL made from recycled elements?

If you fancy a recap on last months lust list on outdoor living, read on here.

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