Bathroom finishing touches

Now whilst we did pretty much complete the bathroom makeover last month there was one (pretty important) element we had forgotten to order…towels! How is a bathroom makeover meant to feel complete without a beautiful new set of soft towels? I’m going to blame the Christmas run up craziness for that slip up but anyway it doesn’t matter now as the lovely people over at … Continue reading Bathroom finishing touches

Christmas Table Styling

This year I’m bringing back out all for the bold red decorations and plates that I’d fallen out of love with previously. I’ve brought out my vintage style (which are probably almost classed as authentic vintage I’ve had them that long) Cath Kidston plates which look super festive paired with this vintage gold bamboo cutlery I picked up from a second hand fair in Saltaire. … Continue reading Christmas Table Styling

Christmas at Little Mill House

We are having a really slow Christmas this year here at Little Mill House, I know the jury is out on whether small Christmas gatherings are festive enough but we’re really looking forward to it. Our weekends in December have been filled with magical visits to Santa, sunday lunches in cosy pubs and carol services then once Christmas comes around it will be small gatherings … Continue reading Christmas at Little Mill House

The Alternative Christmas Tree

I’m a huge fan of a traditional christmas tree and this time of year really makes me wish we lived in a huge stately home to fill with huge real trees but the reality is real trees completely take over our home, I always choose one that is too big and having a toddler and a dog means that pine needles end up EVERYWHERE. This … Continue reading The Alternative Christmas Tree

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

At the beginning of November (feels like years ago doesn’t it?), I posted the inspiration for our mini bathroom makeover and I’m so pleased to say that it’s finally finished. We had a couple of delays and there are still a couple of finishing touches I’d like to add but I’m so happy with the end results…it really does amaze me how with the right products … Continue reading Bathroom Makeover Reveal

December Lust List – XMAS DECORATIONS…

…of Course, what else would I write about in the beginning of December?! Anyone else seem to add to their collection of Christmas decorations living in the loft for 11 months of the year but very rarely have a clear out of them? I’m pretty good at sending most things lurking unused in our home to the charity shop or listing them on Gumtree/Ebay but … Continue reading December Lust List – XMAS DECORATIONS…