December Lust List – XMAS DECORATIONS…

…of Course, what else would I write about in the beginning of December?!

Anyone else seem to add to their collection of Christmas decorations living in the loft for 11 months of the year but very rarely have a clear out of them? I’m pretty good at sending most things lurking unused in our home to the charity shop or listing them on Gumtree/Ebay but Christmas decorations are the one thing I just can’t seem to part with…maybe it’s because they are generally bought on lovely days out with my favourite people!? I don’t know but our loft is full and I limit myself to just a couple of new bits every year now to try and keep the loft clutter from growing (send help the day we decide to move!). I make up for the lack of buying new decorations by adding some festive plants, a fresh wreath and lovely christmassy stocking fillers to my shopping list.

There are lots of lovely recycled christmas decorations to choose from this year, here’s December’s Lust List dedicated to helping me choose my couple of additions for 2017:


  1. Recycled Glass Leaf Baubles – Amara 
  2. Reclaimed Wood Tree – Ian Snow
  3. Recycled Christmas Storage Bag – Dotcomgiftshop
  4. Recycled Wax Scented Christmas Tree Candle – The Recycled Candle Company
  5. Kraft Star Party Plates – Pretty Little Party Shop
  6. Recycled Glass Baubles – Rowen & Wren
  7. Blossom Mini Pom Poms – LMH Store
  8. Geometric Beauty Baubles – Bloomtown
  9. Merry Little Christmas Sheet Music Print – LMH Store
  10. Metallic Recycled Card Star – Ian Snow

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