La Redoute Spring Edit

I did have a different blog post scheduled for today but when I received an email from La Redoute about their Easter sale I had to switch things up. Always a ‘go to’ online store for interior design enthusiasts (who hasn’t seen THAT La Redoute rug on Instagram?), La Redoute is fast getting a name for itself in the recycling world for its growing range … Continue reading La Redoute Spring Edit

Pinterest, still useful?

Going back a few years Pinterest was THE obsession for sourcing interior design inspiration. Everyone was using it from business owners to first time homeowners. We’d use it as an addition to interiors magazines before Instagram became the huge source of design inspo that it is today, so do you still use it? I have to admit I stopped using Pinterest on a regular (daily) … Continue reading Pinterest, still useful?

10 Reclaimed Dining Tables

For March’s Lust List I’ve been checking out dining tables made from reclaimed materials. The choice of reclaimed wood tables has really developed over the last few years, you can get one at every price point and in any size, which can make it quite difficult to know where to start when looking to make a purchase. I’ve tried to narrow down the search with … Continue reading 10 Reclaimed Dining Tables