Sunny Spring Interior Updates from Habitat

Habitat have long been on the list of ‘go to’ highstreet interior stores for something cool, colourful and well made/designed…I do miss having a huge, 2 storey Habitat here in Leeds to waste away my weekends planning my next home decor move (these Homebase pop-ups just don’t feel the same). Lucky for me, Habitat have a really user friendly online store which includes gorgeously styled … Continue reading Sunny Spring Interior Updates from Habitat

Downstairs loo – Mini Makeover

As many of you know we updated our family bathroom last year from an Art Deco influenced space to a relaxing rustic one. Ever since then I have been desperate to start on the downstairs loo to make both spaces a little more in keeping with one another and last weekend we got started (what else do you do when all it does is rain … Continue reading Downstairs loo – Mini Makeover


Terrazzo has been on trend for a few years now and my love affair with this beautiful, unique, sustainable material goes back much further to every Mediterranean holiday I’ve been on. Terrazzo was (and still is) always there, on the floor, cladding the bar or peeping through half closed doors in sleepy Spanish villages. My favourite use of this eco friendly material would have to … Continue reading Terrazzo

Dubai Guide

Last month I headed off for a much needed break from the UK’s never ending winter to visit my sister who has made Dubai her home, now Dubai isn’t know for it’s modern rustic vibes and sustainable credentials but it does seem to be making a move in the right direction for us looking for a more eco lifestyle…in fact there were too many cool … Continue reading Dubai Guide