October Lust List

This month I couldn’t help myself but to dedicate the LMH Lust List to all things Halloween! We’ve had such a busy autumn so far with work, travel and birthdays that I haven’t had much time to think about autumn decor within our home (I’m so sad about this). So that I don’t miss out on all of the fun I’ve spent this evening hunting down the coolest upcycled and industrial Halloween decor items I could find, some of which may have already fallen into my shopping basket. Here’s my top ten for Halloween:


  1. Glass Skull Pendant Light – Beautiful Halo
  2. Recycled Skull Vase – TKMAXX
  3. Skull Horns – Barker & Stonehouse
  4. Driftwood Pumpkin Cottage – Etsy
  5. Recycled Black Candlesticks – The Recycled Candle Company
  6. Upcycled Skull & Crossbone Jar – Etsy
  7. Mache Scary Hand Decoration – Hobbycraft
  8. Recycled Fabric Rug – Habitat
  9. Autumn Leaves Wall Mural – Contact Little Mill House
  10. Mini Mache Pumpkins – Hobbycraft



N.B This post contains affiliate links.

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