A sustainable Halloween with Etsy

Halloween is growing at a crazy speed each year here in the UK, with more and more Halloween items available to buy whatever your budget. It’s so easy to get sucked in by it too, I fall victim to impulse decorations more than I’d like to admit (TKMAXX and Poundland seem to get me the most) but this year I’m making a really conscious effort to try and think out the Halloween decor more and make more sustainable purchases. Initially I did think (as I’m sure you will too) that a sustainable Halloween will be a much more expensive one but I was surprised to see that Etsy actually have lots of cool, eco – friendly Halloween items available from U.K sellers. Here’s a roundup of what’s currently in my basket:

image 0

First up is a simple way to create a spooky doorstep. These fun pumpkin stickers instantly decorate without the need for carving.

image 0

Sticking with creating a creepy entrance this wooden sign would welcome guests and trick or treaters without the added throwaway plastic.image 0

A stylish paper banner like this one photographed above can be brought out each year and looks so much better than a cheap plastic version.

image 0

A collection of vintage apothecary poison bottles will make a great Halloween party table centrepiece or window display.

image 0

It’s no secret on this blog that I LOVE a book page upcycle, so I couldn’t leave this fun, pumpkin book art out of my edit could I?

image 0

Serving Halloween drinks in style is a must. I think I’ll have to add these to my collection of seasonal coasters, can’t resist a sustainable cork design.

image 0

I don’t think this Nightmare Before Christmas vinyl clock is just for Halloween but it’s a huge favourite in our house at this time of year I had to include it in this edit!

image 0

Finish off your Halloween with a ouija board, if you dare (FYI I daren’t). This stencil design would look great on a reclaimed wood table.

There are loads more of cool Halloween decorations and costume inspiration over on Etsy this season, I just picked my favourites (but I could have gone on and on). Have a look at the full range here.

N.B This post contains affiliate links.

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