Dining Area Makeover Plans

We’re hosting Christmas at ours this year and fancied changing things up a little to make it extra special. The space hasn’t really had much more than a fresh coat of paint on the walls for about 3 years so it’s due a little restyle and freshen up. The image above is my dream space that I’m using as inspo (image credit here). I’ve ordered a beautiful reclaimed wood dining table to replace our beloved vintage door table that has completely lost it’s charm now that it has playdoh stuck in the grooves of it that I spend my evenings picking out. The new table will be the centrepiece of the space with some industrial, comfy chairs for socialising around the table all winter. There’ll be a big, industrial pendant light replacing the jam jar over the table and I’ve ordered some new prints to create a gallery wall to compliment the table set up.


What do you think of our plans for the space? I can’t wait to get it completed so that I can begin playing around with festive tablescaping. The full reveal of the space will be on the blog mid December but follow along with progress over on the LMH Instagram page.

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