Hibernating until Spring

I’ve really struggled this past week with staying motivated and just generally getting sh*t done (such a blue Monday cliché I know), it’s also very safe to say that I don’t have the time to be procrastinating with a tax return due to be filled next week! So I’ve made a little unconventional plan, instead of forcing myself to sit at my desk all day … Continue reading Hibernating until Spring

Shopping Your Home

For as long as I’ve had a home to shop I’ve been rearranging furniture, creating new collections to display and swapping artwork from room to room. Now this seems to have become a trend called ‘Shopping the home’ and I am FULLY ONBOARD with it. Shopping your home is a great way to freshen up your home (especially in January) without having to spend extra … Continue reading Shopping Your Home

Sustainable January Picks

I probably shouldn’t be writing this post as I’ve given myself a bit of a January spending ban but I couldn’t let some of these sustainable (and mostly recycled) sale bargains pass me by when I know that so many of you are looking for the perfect pieces to complete a room or shelfie.  So here is the first LMH Lust List of the year, … Continue reading Sustainable January Picks