AllPlants – The veggie meal delivery service

As you know, one of my goals for 2019 was to eat more plant based meals on a daily basis and I’m pleased to say that it’s going really well. We’ve been eating plant based lunches for at least 6 days of the week and veggie evening meals four nights a week, the aim is to up the evening meals to 5 nights but I haven’t built up the recipe collection yet. Another significant change I’ve made (which I’m loving) is to switch out cows milk for dairy free alternatives and I can honestly say that a coconut or hazelnut milk latte is 100% tastier!

On weeks that I’m managing to sit down with my recipe books and meal plan it’s easy to achieve my goal of veggie meals but some weeks and weekends are inevitably much busier and I just don’t get chance to plan properly (that’s life right?), so I set about looking for an easy veggie option for the weeks where we are time poor. That’s when I stumbled upon allplants, they offer a regular or one off delivery of hand made and packaged veggie ready meals filled with tasty goodness.

I was kindly sent over a sample box to try last week, each meal was delicious and filling. The plant based food isn’t the only way that allplants have thought of to help the environment either, the packaging is all recyclable and partly compostable. The delivery boxes can be sent straight back to be reused for free, the postage label is included so super easy to return.

The meals we tried were a Moussaka, Lasagne and the Smokey Soul Chilli. All of the meals arrive frozen and can be cooked in the oven or the microwave without any need for defrosting. As someone that rarely cooks frozen meals I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I was with the look, smell and taste for the meals. Here are some images of how each dinner looked when we’d cooked and plated them up at home, my photography isn’t the same quality as the foodie photographer allplants have used on their website but the meals held their look well throughout cooking and serving up, don’t you think?

If you fancy trialing allplants yourself click here and enter NATALIE LOCKWOOD at the checkout to get £20 off your first order (until the end of February, £10 off your first order from 1st March).



N.B This post contains affiliate links and all of the meals featured were kindly gifted to me by allplants. 

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