Ikea’s Stylish & Sustainable Collections

Ikea have been a go-to for quick, easy, affordable interiors since forever (who doesn’t head to Ikea for plants and candles) but only recently have they started building a name for themselves in the sustainable living world. So much so that they have made a pledge that all of their products will be made from recycled or renewable materials by 2030. Obviously they have a … Continue reading Ikea’s Stylish & Sustainable Collections

Sustainable & Styling Dining Chair Edit

I haven’t written about chairs in what seems to me like forever, which is odd since they are my favourite element of an interior design project to source and style. I’m not joking about the chair love, we have quite a number of books about chairs here at LMH and have been known to visit museums around Europe that have great chair collections (I know, … Continue reading Sustainable & Styling Dining Chair Edit

Upcycling with Gin (kind of) – AD

Anyone else need to keep every gin (or other spirit) bottle as they are just far too beautiful to throw away & they’re way too easy to upcycle? I keep them all & sometimes keep wine bottles too if they’re a good shape. Bottles are such a versatile item to upcycle, they can easily be made into lamps, vases or my personal favourite…candlesticks! You can … Continue reading Upcycling with Gin (kind of) – AD