Taking time to breath…

As you know I’m a self-employed interior designer, working from home whilst also looking after little LMH can be a little bit of a crazy balancing act! The toddler is only in nursery school 2 mornings a week and the rest of the time my work gets done during nap-time, in the evening and at weekends, I’m not complaining but the lack of downtime takes … Continue reading Taking time to breath…

Sustainable Sale Picks – July Lust List

Hello July! It’s officially summer and doesn’t it feel like it too? As always, soon as it’s actually summer everywhere seems to have a sale on! I’m as tempted by a sale as many of you are but try my hardest to resist anything I know I or my home doesn’t need (it’s not always easy and I don’t always manage it). There are some … Continue reading Sustainable Sale Picks – July Lust List

BHS is closing down…again

So as most of you interiors addicts know BHS relaunched online 2 years ago when it’s high street chain of stores closed down. Things were looking good with the website as it seemed to be growing a following with its on trend, affordable lighting and home accessories but now BHS online is closing down too! I’m particularly sad about this as they were such a … Continue reading BHS is closing down…again

A creative, colourful child’s bedroom

It’s been 3 weeks since the close of Grand Designs Live and we spent a hectic Sunday evening dismantling and packing up our fun children’s bedroom we’d created for the room-set feature within the interior design area of the show. I’m pretty sure I shouted it from the rooftops that I’d been selected as one of the room set competition’s 5 finalists but incase you … Continue reading A creative, colourful child’s bedroom

Scatter Rugs – June List List

Hello & welcome to June’s Lust List on the first Sunday of the month (I know it’s the first time I’ve been on time with it for months, maybe I’ve finally gotten organised at the ripe old age of 27!?).  This month I’ve dedicated this post to an addiction of mine…scatter rugs. I can’t resist them, they look great in almost any corner of the … Continue reading Scatter Rugs – June List List