Our Ideal Home Show Roomset

As any of our social media followers will know I’ve have been working with Ideal Home Show Manchester to create a room for their Ideal Roomsets feature which this year was sponsored by Silentnight. I was asked to design a roomset based on one of the four seasons, to go alongside 3 other roomsets at the show…I decided to go for a summer dining room. … Continue reading Our Ideal Home Show Roomset

Ideal Home Show Manchester

For this years Ideal Home Show we were lucky enough to be asked to design a scheme for the Ideal Roomsets. The theme we chose was a summer dining room, which was featured alongside 3 other roomsets all themed around the seasons.   I’ll blog our design in detail next week once I have some lovely professional images to share. For now I thought I’d … Continue reading Ideal Home Show Manchester

Andalusian Upcycling

I’ve just returned from a trip to our family favourite…Andalusia. We try to visit this region of Spain as much as possible and the dream is to relocate there in the not so far away future (watch this space). I’ve returned back to the U.K feeling refreshed and inspired by our adventures in the Spanish sierras. Spain has always been a great source of colour … Continue reading Andalusian Upcycling

The Pendant light with personality…

Introducing the Dyberg Larsen Illumin pendant light…it gives us the freedom to personalise our lighting without needing the ‘offputting’ technical ability of making a light fitting ourselves. There are two options available the MagazineΒ light or the Create-Your-Own, the magazine light comes with a huge selection of pre cut recycled magazine pages for you to pick out colours or themes you like and will work within … Continue reading The Pendant light with personality…

Rustic Outdoor Living

Over the bank holiday weekend we started work on upping our outdoor living game…we’ve cleared the area outside the living room which used to be home to a picnic bench for outdoor dining (a complete waste of an area with french doors leading out of the living space really) and built a simple, rustic pergola. We now have a blank canvas to build our outdoor … Continue reading Rustic Outdoor Living

Boxpark Dubai

Dubai isn’t the first place in the world you think of when looking for industrial, salvaged style so I was pretty surprised when researching our trip to Dubai that it had its very own Boxpark. It provides a welcome contrast from the glamour of the malls and hotels in the city, bringing the colour, fun design and amazing eateries we have come to expect from … Continue reading Boxpark Dubai