A reading list to get us through to spring

That’s it…I’m officially hibernating until spring begins (I don’t actually think my toes have been warm since before Christmas)! This time of year makes me want copious amounts of tea and some really good reads, so I’ve decided to share what I’ve been reading and what’s next on my list. I picked up a copy of Warehouse Home back in September when I visited the … Continue reading A reading list to get us through to spring

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

At the beginning of November (feels like years ago doesn’t it?), I posted the inspiration for our mini bathroom makeover and I’m so pleased to say that it’s finally finished. We had a couple of delays and there are still a couple of finishing touches I’d like to add but I’m so happy with the end results…it really does amaze me how with the right products … Continue reading Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Pumpkin Pimpin’ Inspo

So I have to be honest, currently the only pumpkin that has been pimped here at LMH is the one my two year old painted black at the kitchen table last week. It’s really cute and will look lovely filled with treats on the doorstep Tuesday evening for all of the little witches and ghosts. So if you’re last minute with the pimping of the … Continue reading Pumpkin Pimpin’ Inspo

Upcycling for Kids with Lynne Lambourne

I’ve often thought if upcycling was a part of the Design Technology class at my old school  I’d have found my passion much sooner and learnt the skills needed to create all of the projects in my head without the help of YouTube (Ok maybe without as much help from YouTube). I know Jasper isn’t even two yet but I try and involve him in … Continue reading Upcycling for Kids with Lynne Lambourne

Create a mini gallery wall in an afternoon

I (along with many of you guys) love changing things up in my home pretty regularly and I (also along with many of you guys) don’t have the magic money tree that is so often spoken about these days so need to be resourceful when changing things up. Our little boys bedroom has stayed pretty neutral on the walls since we decorated the room before … Continue reading Create a mini gallery wall in an afternoon

Upcycling for Sport…

The best thing about using upcycled elements in an interior design scheme (aside from it being great for the environment) is that it’s an instant way to add personality to the home. A recycled piece of furniture or reworked artwork have an instant story to tell which can be as personal to you as you feel comfortable with. Upcycling items with a former life in … Continue reading Upcycling for Sport…