Pinterest, still useful?

Going back a few years Pinterest was THE obsession for sourcing interior design inspiration. Everyone was using it from business owners to first time homeowners. We’d use it as an addition to interiors magazines before Instagram became the huge source of design inspo that it is today, so do you still use it? I have to admit I stopped using Pinterest on a regular (daily) … Continue reading Pinterest, still useful?

10 Reclaimed Dining Tables

For March’s Lust List I’ve been checking out dining tables made from reclaimed materials. The choice of reclaimed wood tables has really developed over the last few years, you can get one at every price point and in any size, which can make it quite difficult to know where to start when looking to make a purchase. I’ve tried to narrow down the search with … Continue reading 10 Reclaimed Dining Tables

Stylishly Sustainable

There has been a lot of talk in the British press recently about reducing our waste, in particular single use plastics, something that we as upcyclers have been working on for a long time is finally becoming main stream (even the Queen is now on board). As always I believe that these changes should be made in the most stylish way we can afford to … Continue reading Stylishly Sustainable

A reading list to get us through to spring

That’s it…I’m officially hibernating until spring begins (I don’t actually think my toes have been warm since before Christmas)! This time of year makes me want copious amounts of tea and some really good reads, so I’ve decided to share what I’ve been reading and what’s next on my list. I picked up a copy of Warehouse Home back in September when I visited the … Continue reading A reading list to get us through to spring

Bathroom finishing touches

Now whilst we did pretty much complete the bathroom makeover last month there was one (pretty important) element we had forgotten to order…towels! How is a bathroom makeover meant to feel complete without a beautiful new set of soft towels? I’m going to blame the Christmas run up craziness for that slip up but anyway it doesn’t matter now as the lovely people over at … Continue reading Bathroom finishing touches