Colour & Design Inspo from Switzerland & the French Alps

I’ve just returned from a trip to Switzerland to beat the January blues & visit my sister’s new home. It’s a country I’ve never visited before so was keen to see as much of the place as possible in 5 days. We spent the weekend across the border in Chamonix as the boy wanted to see some snow & the town didn’t disappoint. We mooched … Continue reading Colour & Design Inspo from Switzerland & the French Alps

Sustainable Festive Gift Wrapping – AD

I had the perfect morning yesterday, wrapping presents to the sound of Christmas songs under the tree with all of the fairy lights lit (this seems such a luxurious thing to do when there is only me in the house). I’ve really tried to buy less this year and wrap a little more sparingly but I still enjoy gift giving and making sure those gifts … Continue reading Sustainable Festive Gift Wrapping – AD

Conscious indoor greenery – AD

I’ve always been a huge fan of bringing nature indoors with cut flowers, house plants and dried stems (with the more recent addition of preserved flowers thanks to discovering Shida). In recent years, since we’re all starting to become more conscious of the impact purchases have on our environment I’m trying to sway from weekly cut flowers, instead just using them as a special treat … Continue reading Conscious indoor greenery – AD

#sleepsustainably – My review of the Eco Duvet

This week, as the temperature really dropped cooler (with a promise of snow at the weekend), seemed like the perfect time to try out my new duvet. I was intrigued as to what sleeping underneath The Eco Duvet by The Fine Bedding Company would be like as I’ve always bought feather duvets and pillows and I have to say I haven’t been disappointed, even on … Continue reading #sleepsustainably – My review of the Eco Duvet

Dubai Guide

Last month I headed off for a much needed break from the UK’s never ending winter to visit my sister who has made Dubai her home, now Dubai isn’t know for it’s modern rustic vibes and sustainable credentials but it does seem to be making a move in the right direction for us looking for a more eco lifestyle…in fact there were too many cool … Continue reading Dubai Guide