Last Minute Sustainable Gifting with Etsy – AD

At this point in December it’s easy to start panic buying stocking fillers when out and about or from Amazon so I thought I’d dedicate this months Lust List blog post to a little round up of sustainable gifts that are available on Etsy for pre Christmas delivery. Etsy can be a bit of a minefield when trying to find something special as there is … Continue reading Last Minute Sustainable Gifting with Etsy – AD

Sustainable Festive Gift Wrapping – AD

I had the perfect morning yesterday, wrapping presents to the sound of Christmas songs under the tree with all of the fairy lights lit (this seems such a luxurious thing to do when there is only me in the house). I’ve really tried to buy less this year and wrap a little more sparingly but I still enjoy gift giving and making sure those gifts … Continue reading Sustainable Festive Gift Wrapping – AD

A Natural Christmas Tablescape – AD

The Christmas table is probably my favourite element of decorating the house for Christmas, I love it (probably as I love eating & drinking so want somewhere well dressed to do so)! This year I’ve been very conscious of the throw away elements to a Christmas table, favours, napkins, crackers etc & have tried to cut back on as many of these things as possible. … Continue reading A Natural Christmas Tablescape – AD

Sustainable Natural Christmas Moodboard

This Christmas is going to be a little different to previous years and much more parred back due to us having recently downsized AND moved into rented (with all of the restrictions that go with that). This means that our Christmas decor, which is usually pretty OTT with the rustic vibe and fairy lights, twigs & wreaths hanging from every wall. Do you remember my … Continue reading Sustainable Natural Christmas Moodboard

A Natural Halloween

Don’t get me wrong, I love a themed few weeks in October where the majority of our activities are Halloween based & I love creating meals for our family with pumpkin & lots of sweet treats but what I don’t feel the need for is a mountain of cheap, throw away plastic decorations & costumes that every supermarket seems to put in our faces to … Continue reading A Natural Halloween

A Terracotta Lust List for Autumn

Last week the temperature dropped, we moved house and August came to an end & all I’ve been thinking as I’ve sorted through removal boxes and tried to organise our new home is how ready I am to cosy up for Autumn. Our new place is rented so I’m planning some warm updates, mainly using accessories & I can’t wait to get started…it’s ALL I’ve … Continue reading A Terracotta Lust List for Autumn

Holiday Let Spain – Interior Design Project

This Spanish townhouse on the Southern coast of Spain has been a holiday rental for some years but was in major need of some updating. I used the traditional base of marble, terracotta and white paint to build a tropical rustic vibe for the house that perfectly suits its 5 minute walk proximity to the beach. The property is around 15 years old with a … Continue reading Holiday Let Spain – Interior Design Project

Sustainable & Styling Dining Chair Edit

I haven’t written about chairs in what seems to me like forever, which is odd since they are my favourite element of an interior design project to source and style. I’m not joking about the chair love, we have quite a number of books about chairs here at LMH and have been known to visit museums around Europe that have great chair collections (I know, … Continue reading Sustainable & Styling Dining Chair Edit

Sustainable Rug Shopping – AD

Rugs are one of the easiest home decor products to source sustainably, especially currently when there is a huge trend for natural fibres and handwoven, scandi styles. In fact, I am a bit of an impulse buyer when it comes to rugs and can never resist a stylish scatter rug made from natural or recycled materials. In general sustainable rugs tend to be on the … Continue reading Sustainable Rug Shopping – AD

A Sustainable Mothers Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again where the mum or mother figure in our lives get treated to a special, relaxing Sunday. I completely agree with the sentiment of thanking mums, cooking a lovely lunch and being a little bit spoilt but as always with any kind of celebration mass, cheap plastic & single use items appear on the shelves of every supermarket, high street … Continue reading A Sustainable Mothers Day Gift Guide