Pumpkin Pimpin’ Inspo

So I have to be honest, currently the only pumpkin that has been pimped here at LMH is the one my two year old painted black at the kitchen table last week. It’s really cute and will look lovely filled with treats on the doorstep Tuesday evening for all of the little witches and ghosts. So if you’re last minute with the pimping of the pumpkins (like me) here’s a little inspiration to get our creative juices flowing…


We all know I’m a huge fan of using gold when accessorising the home, how lovely is this white painted pumpkin with glittered gold monogramming. It would look gorgeous on the doorstep, as a table decoration or equally at home at an autumn wedding.


Probably a little late with this one but I love the idea to create a little succulent garden using pumpkins as planters. Will be trying this idea next year from the 1st October and I’m guessing they should last pretty well outside as doorstep decorations.


This is such a lovely idea to make baby’s first Halloween a little special. It would also lend itself really well to autumn wedding table decor. Not sure I’d be able to go to all that effort and not be able to keep it forever though!


How about a pumpkin Moroccan lantern on the doorstep? Don’t they give off a beautiful effect? Much more stylish than a typical carved pumpkin, may get the drill out and give this one a try with munchkins on the mantlepiece.

Have you done something a little different with your pumpkin this year? If so I’d love to see! I can’t wait to get started on mine and add them to our halloween decorations at home.


(All images found on Pinterest)

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