Inspired by Blue Monday – Part 2

Last year I wrote a blog post to help readers feel a little less blue about what is (apparently) the most depressing day of the year. The post was named Inspired by Blue Monday & featured some stunning interiors using the colour blue brilliantly…the post was one of the most popular of 2017! The interiors featured are stunning and still completely inspirational one year on so instead of doing the same kind of post this year I decided to postpone Januarys Lust List and do a blue edit of the best recycled homeware I’ve come across as a different way to brighten up Blue Monday 2018.

Good luck getting through the rest of this month, I’ve seriously struggled getting through this week, fingers crossed it gets easier (and the mornings get lighter) now.


  1. Paint By Conran in Copse – Available from Little Mill House
  2. Recycled newspaper pendant light – Etsy
  3. Recycled Glass Tumbler – Caoba
  4. Reclaimed Wood Photoframe – LMH store
  5. Recycled cotton cushion cover – La Redoute
  6. Recycled sea plastic running shoes – Adidas
  7. Recycled Denim Rug – La Redoute
  8. Reclaimed wood & steel chair – Barker & Stonehouse
  9. Recycled glass bowl РLiberty 
  10. Recycled Leather Notebook – Paperthinks

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