Upcycling with Gin (kind of) – AD

Anyone else need to keep every gin (or other spirit) bottle as they are just far too beautiful to throw away & they’re way too easy to upcycle? I keep them all & sometimes keep wine bottles too if they’re a good shape. Bottles are such a versatile item to upcycle, they can easily be made into lamps, vases or my personal favourite…candlesticks!

You can imagine my excitement when I was gifted this beautiful ceramic bottle of gin from Norfolk Gin back in December. The bottle is handcrafted by the iconic pottery brand Wade and has a look & feel of a traditional ale bottle from the past (funnily enough I collect them too!). Norfolk gin challenged me to upcycle the bottle and style it into my home when I’d finished enjoying their fabulous tipple! I contemplated chopping the top off to create a cylinder vase but couldn’t bring myself to do it, so here is the latest addition to my bottle candle holder collection, oh and I couldn’t ignore that green colour pop cork stopper could I?


N.B – This post is written in collaboration with Norfolk Gin.

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